Voiceless Part III: Faulty Guidance by Montana Munn

In two months time,

I’ve had 4 in mind,

3 in my mouth,

and 2 in my heart.

If only they all knew that I’m falling apart.

Sure they see my painful blows,

Gagging on the temporary truth,

Putting aside all of my woes.

Until they become the sleuth.

I am the girl with kaleidoscope eyes,

Searching for an impeccable disguise.

I could have 20 in line,

Begging me for forgiveness,

But still end up with none of them mine;

Not like I should have gotten up in their business.

They don’t deserve these games I play,

Searching for this opulence,

“This isn’t me”, I’d say;

Leading to awaited consequence.

I feel so blind,

I’m at a loss for decision.

To have reason for being so unkind,

My life is in need of revision.

Once I’m out of their focus,

I’m adrift, seeking liberation.

Only to find exactly what broke us;

Unwanted temptation.

They tell me there’s many fish in the sea,

But they don’t REALLY see me.

I go through this cycle of being reused,

But every time dirtily reduced,

Polluting my system:

In this past years time;

Fuck, I just can’t seem to resist them.

He gave me a ring,

But it’s not that type of thing.

This man, not just some body.

Refreshing memory of security,

Widening my thoughts broadly.

If only I had a little more maturity.

Maybe I shouldn’t have either,

For both of their sakes.

It’s best to go with neither,

Since I just make too many god damn mistakes.


~ by Jesse Stonefield on October 18, 2015.

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