Voiceless Part II: Wrist by Jesse Stonefield

You wear so many faces, I don’t know which one to kiss.

Yet your eyes would put the clearest sky and the deepest sea to shame.

If you can ever bring yourself to fly away before you drown,

I’ll willingly slave away to gather up the shattered pieces of your smile.

You claim to walk on the clouds I blow out from my lungs,

And I cough up my heart while I chase a foil-crowned sun.

That sacred rain-slicked fire burns hot while I’m deep within your abandoned womb.

And yet, I can only feel your angel-soft broken hand in mine.

Build me a darksome tower of river rocks just as high as you will,

So we can lay in fleeting solitude dreaming dreams of fabled faraway lands,

And plans we’ll never make.

This all seems too familiar.

Maybe because I’ve been through this circle before.

But why can’t I find my way back out now that it was you who was my guide?


~ by Jesse Stonefield on October 15, 2015.

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