Voiceless Part I: Montana’s Baby Blues by Montana Munn

The emotions run high,
As the blood travels through.
The scenery in my eyes whilst I cry,
Conceals all truth behind blue.

Maybe you didn’t notice..
But they’re green too.

Specs of every blade of grass
I’ve let stain my jeans;
Forming a layered ring of opal glass,
So I may see what it means;

To look upon visions of purpose,
Within every picture.

My obvious unclouded sky;
Built from the moments chlorine stung,
With salty elements to purify.
Desiring to blind all my words unsung.

I do not regret my pain;
For a little adventure.

I haven’t seen what you have seen.
You have not witnessed the same as I.
So widen your view to my blue and green,
While I reveal to you my open sky.


~ by Jesse Stonefield on October 11, 2015.

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