Queen Bloodletter

Dark minds dream of light.
It’s easy to die, better to stand and fight.
The slow blade penetrates the silence.
Quietly, you express your love with violence.
All of your words bear the weight of heaven,
But my lucky number is one above five and one below seven.
Three times over you sucked out my last breath.
Three times over your evil was blessed.
You’re inside my heart and there’s blood everywhere.
I’m out of your mind, but trapped in your empty stare.
You cut so close to the bone, lady, what good am I dead?
I’ll never forget the phony broken romance we blindly force-fed.
Murder she wrote and murder she sent.
Would she dare bring me back if she saw the horrible place that I went?
Get a few drinks in me and the words just pour out,
But even without slurring nobody knows what I’m talking about.
Sometimes I can almost live with myself.
Tell me, can you, as well?
Even fully knowing you threw me straight to Hell.

~ by Jesse Stonefield on July 6, 2014.

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