Christmas Eve Abortion (No Pride For The Conquest)

Of all the evil things I’ve ever done:

Fucking you is number one.

Loving you is number one.

Trusting you is number one.


My mouth still tastes like that girl beyond the moat.

But for some reason I’m barely complaining.

Teeth biting,hands caressing, tongue way down her throat…

At least she’s ready for the next thing.


I just kissed the one I shouldn’t have  right at the start,

…So, why don’t I feel more regret?…

Walking past the cold block we used to mob down with bottles full and empty hearts,

Just like when we met.

I still smell her on me, I still smell how bad I fucked up.

I know the wrong turn I took, I know this is just my luck.


My lips burn like I sealed a deal with the Dark One,

But she eyed me so pretty, so, I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t run.

I hurt bad, but  I hurt you more.

You’re the fallen bird in the right and I’m the whore.


You want me to burn glass and fill my soul with crystal.

I might as well give up and end us both with my pistol.

The gently fading warmth of another human body might…

Bring my blood back to a boil…

Or have all the things I’ve seen and done…

Made me a vampire under the swiftly-dying sun.


You call it pipe-drunk and I call it lifted.

Through your many pitfalls I must stand up and stiffen.

She brought me Gatorade and a slice of pizza.

Yeah, I’m hungry, but I just want to eat her.

Fucking my drug dealer’s ex is better than sex,

better than a naked pic of a hot bitch sent with a text.

I am the Devil and I’m here to do the Devil’s work,

but if there’s murder and chemicals involved…

Then those are just the job perks.




~ by Jesse Stonefield on June 15, 2014.

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